Referred as Songshi Quan in China, a Chow Chow is a dog with a sturdy built, square profile, broad skull, and small, triangle-shaped, upright ears.  Chow Chows possess a very thick double coat that is either smooth or round.  Their fur is predominantly thick on the neck area this gives them a distinguishing ruff or mane appearance.  There are five possible colors or the coat black, blue, cinnamon, cream and red.  Another unique characteristic of Chow Chows is their bizarre blue-black/purple tongue and extremely straight hind legs.  Chow Chows are the only breed that has a distinctive bluish color in their lips and oral cavity.  Their tail is also distinctive as it curly with thick hair that lies curled on the dogs back.

Despite their cuddly appearance, Chow Chows are aggressive they are severely protective of their owners and property.  Thus, they should only be adopted by owners who are experience and who have ample time and energy in training Chow Chows.  They should not be let off without a leash or be kept in an unfenced yard as they are considered as high risk dogs they become aggressive toward strangers and other animals.  Nevertheless, Chow Chows are not that active so they can still be kept in an apartment.  However, owners should provide Chow Chows regular scheduled physical activities every day.  Others even describe their personality as cat-like.

If properly trained, Chow Chows can be devoted, gentle, polite and friendly pets.  The first thing in train Chow Chow is socialization.  Owners should get to know their dog and introduce them to their new surroundings.  Chow Chows should also be introduced to other people, places and situations.  Train Chow Chow should already begin the moment you bring it home with you.  Starting training is not really hard as owners just need to play with them.  Owners should already add the handling of the paws and grooming.  This is important so that the Chow Chow will already get used as to how they are being handled.

Owners should show affection in train Chow Chow.  It is also important to praise and discourage negative behavior.  Chow chows are capable of picking up emotions, so owners should present themselves that way they want their Chow Chows to present themselves.  Keeping a strict schedule is also important in train Chow Chow so that they will be disciplined along the way.