If you are walking down the street, you might happen to glance at a dog but one particular breed will make you look again because it looks like a hairy lion. Say hello to the chow chow, the dog of choice of American president Calvin Coolidge, Sigmund Freud, Martha Stewart and Janet Jackson. Before tips on chow chow care is given, first an introduction.

Chow chow is a breed of dog originating from China. Its Chinese name songshi quan literally means “puffy-lion dog”. Features of the chow chow include a square and study profile, a broad skull with small triangular ears, a dense double coat which is thick around the neck, a tail that is covered in thick fur and curled at the back and a blue-black or purple tongue. It is the only breed that has bluish lips and oral cavity. The temperament of the chow chow is said to be similar to that of a cat. It is a somewhat aggressive breed and is protective of their owners and property. They are suitable for apartment living because they are not particularly active but they require a fair amount of daily exercise, making chow chow care fairly simple.

Chow chow care is easy, especially if you are an experienced dog owner.

  • Feeding – A chow chow that is more than a year old can be fed once a day. Feeding time should be consistent to ensure the dog’s proper health. When you choose dog food for your chow chow, keep in mind that it is inadvisable to feed your dog a lot of meat or it will develop skin problems. You can feed your chow chow rice which is easy to digest and great for a shiny coat. Stay away from kibble that has a lot of preservatives. Chow chow usually needs four cups of dog food a day; do not overfeed your dog or else the stomach will bloat and can cause health problems. You should always provide your dog fresh water.
  • Grooming – Because of the chow chow’s double coat, it requires constant grooming. You need to have the proper grooming tools for your dog, which includes a steel-toothed comb, a brush and if you want, a grooming table. Stand your dog on the table and brush away any dirt and dust on the coat. Start from the head and work your way towards the tail. Comb the dog’s fur gently, especially if you encounter any tangles. Do not forget to comb around the ears, the legs and the belly of your dog. Make sure that the eyes and ears are clean by using a damp wash cloth or cotton balls to remove any dirt. Your chow chow will shed twice a year; grooming during this time is especially important.
  • Bathing – A chow chow does not need frequent bathing, two to three times a year will do. When you bathe your dog, you can use a special dog shampoos. Take care that the shampoo does not get in the ears and eyes of the dog, and that you rinse your dog thoroughly. Gently rub your dog dry with a towel and brush the fur after.

Now you have some ideas about chow chow care. Chow chow care may require a little bit of your time and effort but if you are a devoted and responsible owner, you will end up owning a happy and healthy dog.