Chow chows are probably one of the cutest and friendliest breed of dogs ever. Their unique lion-like appearance and bluish black tongue sets it apart from other dogs. Chow chows are also naturally born to be gentle, clean, and well-behaved dogs. With its wonderful characteristics, raising or breeding these protective, intelligent, and loving companions is surely a delight for chow chow breeders.

In breeding chow chows, chow chow breeders must first understand and know everything about the dog. From its appearance down to its temperament, a lot of things must be considered. If you are a newbie or beginner when it comes to breeding chow chows, it would be best to ask help from other experienced and professional chow chow breeders. You can also do some research to help you get started. Included here are a few key points to help you breed a chow chow.

As for appearance, chow chow breeders should remember what this type of dog should look like. A chow chow should have a square and sturdy build. These dogs also have a heavy bone structures. Medium in size, chow chows have a heavy coat of either rough or smooth double coated fur, particularly around the face, that makes it look bigger than it actually is. The colors range from red, blue, black, cream, or cinnamon. Another distinct feature of chow chows is their tail. It is thick, curly, and it lies on the dogs back. The eyes of c how chows are shaped like almonds and are deep-set. Of course, the most notable feature of chow chows is their bluish black tongues.

When it comes to capabilities and activities, chow chow breeders should also take note of a few things. Chow chows are agile, strong, and quick. There is a natural grace and elegance to their every move. This breed of dogs is also alert and balanced.

Chow chow breeders should also consider the parents temperament. The chow chow must contain and act accordingly with the aforementioned activities. Aside from these, a chow chow should embody independence and activeness. It also must be protective of its owner. Chow chows are known to have a temperament towards strangers and other dogs. They are also known to have a dominant personality so they need to be trained into being more social.

Considering the stud dogs is also important. It is necessary to find the best male dog to match or pair your female. Just like your dog, her partner must be in his best condition. The stud dog must be checked and cleared by a veterinarian. It is also important to let the two dogs interact and become familiar with each other.

Another advice given to chow chow breeders aside from consulting a professional and experienced breeder is to consult a veterinarian. Ask for their opinion and take your chow chow for a checkup to see if she is fit for breeding. This key step is necessary before and after the breeding process. This will ensure the health and well being of your chow chow.

Successful breeding of chow chow are dependent on a lot of things. Chow chow breeders should be well-prepared and careful to be able to produce the best breed of chow chow puppies.